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Digital Detox Seminar

Relax and release the pressure on the Domaine de l'Airial des Monges, you enter a world of quietude and peace. From the surrounding nature to the activities offered, everything is done to make your stay at the Domaine as soothing and stimulating as possible.

During your stay at the Domaine, you can participate in and learn about numerous activities that promote relaxation:
Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Massages, Forest Baths, Foot Reflexology, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Sophrology, Do-In and Shiatsu.

For a seminar, a stay with friends or simply to live an invigorating experience in the middle of nature, the activities proposed on the Domain will give you serenity and vitality.

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Our Digital Detox Seminar

Hyperconnection in modern business can have a negative impact on physical and mental health. During our seminar, we offer you the opportunity to regain strength and serenity thanks to our programs and the invigorating calm of the domain.

By disconnecting, you will have the chance to reduce your stress and fatigue. On the domain, you will not be disturbed by any notification. Here, only the song of the birds resounds.

This disconnection is also beneficial in terms of sociability. In this green setting where calm reigns, you will rediscover the exchanges, the listening and the interactions that have disappeared from our daily digital life. The conversations are done in person and allow to tighten the links between all the collaborators.

Stimulate your creativity by benefiting from more attention, but also from a better state of mind. More rested, more alert, your teams will be more efficient and productive. Reduce stress and improve the well-being of your employees by giving yourself this essential break in the life of your company.


With the phone turned off, it's time to relax. Take advantage of this digital disconnection to reconnect with the essentials.

Resume a gentle and stimulating physical activity with our initiation to pilate. This practice promotes the improvement and restoration of physical functions.
An introduction to shiatsu awaits you next. This Japanese art consists of stretching and pressure applied to the whole body, using the palms of the hands, thumbs, elbows and sometimes the knees.

Also relearn how to breathe correctly thanks to the collective and aquatic do-in offered on the domain. Follow your guide and reproduce his deep breathing techniques. As a colleague, these activities will allow you to relax and share a moment of well-being together, which is conducive to team cohesion.

Finally, share a moment of joy and sharing by dancing to the rhythm of Zumba. Physical and stimulating, this initiation promises you a real fitness!

During your stay in group, you will be able to benefit from meals and lunch to be chosen according to your tastes among our list of partner.

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