The small farm of Monges

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La petite ferme des Monges

Our Horses and Ponies

Roc, Loulou and Ulysse are the horses that watch over the Domain.
Roc (the Chestnut) and Loulou (the Black), are the oldest of the Domain,
long before our arrival.
Ulysse (the White) is the youngest and
illuminates by his youth our meadows.

Lunaand Kinou, our two adorable ponies, always come to meet new visitors and love children. Always ready for a ride they make the happiness of adults and children.

Our Miniature Donkeys and Dwarf Goats

Buzz, Chico and Tomy are the latest arrivals at the Domaine and have become, in a very short time,
the real mascots of the place.
Miniature donkeys are not dwarf donkeys, they do not have dwarfism.
Just like miniature horses, toy horses, falabellas, miniature ponies, mini shetlands and other mini equines, miniature donkeys are a breed in their own right.

Our little dwarf goats, also animate the Domaine with their ardor and their antics.
Curious, they always come to meet the young and old.

Our hens and geese

The henhouse is also a source of discovery especially for the little ones, ....but also the big ones!
But beware, the Geese watch over the Hens and warn, like a good guardian, when we approach!

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