The small farm of Monges

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La Petite Ferme des Monges

Welcome to La Petite Ferme des Monges, a haven of nature where wildlife and tranquility meet.
Our Domaine is home to a diversity of animals, from curious little inhabitants to the majestic creatures that roam our meadows. From the gentle melody of birds to the joyful bleating of dwarf goats, every corner of the Domaine is imbued with animal life, adding a magical touch to your experience. Come and discover the peaceful harmony with our furry and feathered companions, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of nature.

Our Horses and Ponies

Our elegant horses and ponies add an enchanted dimension to your experience. From the graceful gallop of the horses to the mischievous vivacity of the ponies, every encounter is an invitation to connect with these noble creatures.
Roc, Loulou and Ulysse are the horses who watch over the Domaine.
Roc (the chestnut) and Loulou (the black), are the oldest on the Domaine,
Ulysse (the white) is the youngest and illuminates our meadows with his youthfulness.

Lunaand Kinou, our two adorable ponies, are always coming to meet new visitors and adore children. Always ready for a ride, they are a delight to young and old alike.

Our Miniature Donkeys and Dwarf Goats

Buzz, Chico and Tomy are the Domaine's latest arrivals and, in a very short time, have become
the real mascots of the premises and add a touch of charm to every nook and cranny.
Their eyes full of curiosity and attentive ears make every encounter a warm and memorable experience. Whether it's for a simple caress or a peaceful stroll, our miniature donkeys are ready to share their affection and mischievous spirit with our visitors.

Our little dwarf goats also liven up the estate with their spirited antics.
Curious, they always come to meet young and old alike. Their mischievous faces and mischievous eyes create a delightfully lively atmosphere.

Our Hens and Running Ducks

The cheerful bustle of our hens and ducks creates a lively, picturesque atmosphere. Under the gentle murmur of leaves, our hens scratch for treasure, while our running ducks add a touch of agility to every corner of the Domaine. Come and watch them go about their business or take part in the daily distribution of seeds, creating simple yet charming moments.
Let yourself be seduced by the playful energy of our poultry, who add a touch of life and lightness to the Domaine's natural environment.

Neige, our Alpaca, and Mac, the friendly Anglo-Nubian goat

Meet Neige, our snow-soft Alpaca, and Mac, our Anglo-Nubian goat whose character is as charismatic as his name.
These special members of the Domaine bring a warm and friendly presence. Whether it's the silky wool of snow or Mac's playfulness that makes you smile, these two friends add a touch to the Domaine experience. Join us to share tender and memorable moments with Neige and Mac, adorable characters who are an integral part of the magic of our Little Farm.

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