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Our Spaces

Our reception spaces

Explore our unique spaces, designed to make
every event memorable.

The Haras, imbued with equestrian charm,
offers an authentic atmosphere for elegant receptions.

Our outdoor reception space, surrounded by greenery, creates a natural backdrop for convivial gatherings. The Théâtre de verdure adds an artistic dimension, transforming every event into a natural performance.

Whether you're celebrating special occasions or organizing corporate events, our spaces are the ideal setting for combining elegance with natural beauty. Welcome to a place where every space becomes a stage for your most precious moments.

Outdoor space Airial des Monges Group house Gironde

A reception at Haras

Every reception at haras becomes a peaceful, authentic experience.
Surrounded by equestrian charm, this unique space offers an intimate atmosphere, imbued with the scent of hay and the free spirit of horses.
Whatever the event, Haras creates a warm setting where authenticity meets serenity.
Immerse yourself in an experience where tranquility reigns, where every detail tells a story of love for nature and the celebration of precious moments.
Welcome to this oasis of peace, where every reception becomes a timeless interlude.

An outdoor reception

Your outdoor reception comes to life in an idyllic setting.
Our 120 m2 covered préau offers an intimate, sheltered atmosphere, perfect for convivial moments.
The Théâtre de verdure adds an artistic touch to your event, creating a natural stage for unforgettable memories.
The bar area, barbecue and plancha invite you to relax and indulge, while our 3500 m2 of green space provide a lush backdrop.

Whether for weddings, corporate meetings or any other celebration, our Domaine becomes the ideal setting where nature and festivity meet harmoniously.
Welcome to a space where every element contributes to making your reception an exceptional experience.


The Haras Airial des Monges  Gîte de groupe  in Gironde

The Haras

Ball and field Airial des Monges Gîte de groupe  in Gironde

Open air reception

Green button Airial des Monges Gîte de groupe  in Gironde

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