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Outdoor receptions
Théâtre de Verdure
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An exceptional setting in Gironde - professional holiday rental and receptive space

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The landscape of theAirial des Monges in Marions (33690) contrasts with that of the Landes forest: the pines give way to a vast space of open lawn, on which stand some oaks.

This clearing, in the heart of an estate of 42 hectares of forest and meadows, includes several houses and their outbuildings.

During a walk of recognition you will discover the entirely restored water mill and its Bief, of the time of the Cistercians, as well as a splendid dovecote.
In the heart of the Airial, a magnificent Landaise, signed by Gourgue, of 1801 and its henhouse, sit magnificently and watch over the Bergerie, another magnificent Landaise, and a sumptuous Bazadaise residence at the entrance of the property.
The natural beauty of the place, the particular atmosphere and the comfort of the rooms favour quite naturally the calm, the serenity and the relaxation.

A unique place, a true haven of peace.
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You will find below the sketches of intention realized by our architectural firm CAPSULO.

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A dedicated space in the Domaine

Explore our Domaine and discover a dedicated space designed to meet all your aspirations.
Whether for corporate events, seminars or personal celebrations, our dedicated space offers a blank canvas to bring your desires to life.
Immerse yourself in an ambience that combines flexibility and elegance, where every corner is an opportunity for innovation and becomes the ideal setting for creating unforgettable memories.
Welcome to a place where your vision takes shape, where every moment becomes an exceptional experience.

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Open air theater

Explore the splendor of our magnificent Théâtre de verdure, a place where nature and culture come together to create a unique sensory experience.
Surrounded by lush vegetation, this open-air theater offers a picturesque stage for events that transcend the ordinary.
Whether for artistic performances, outdoor concerts or special celebrations, our Theatre of Greenery creates a magical atmosphere where every show becomes an immersive adventure.
Immerse yourself in a world where natural beauty blends with human creativity, transforming every event into a memorable experience.
Welcome to our artistic oasis, where nature becomes the perfect backdrop for your most special moments.

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Bread oven as a central decorative piece

A space with the warm authenticity of a bread oven as decoration.
The rustic charm of this element, this traditional touch, brings a unique atmosphere where guests can gather around this convivial symbol.
This bread oven evokes craftsmanship and hospitality, adding a nostalgic dimension and bringing together past and present with elegance.

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A hangar

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with our converted Préau receptif hangar.
This versatile 120 m2 space offers a unique atmosphere for hosting a variety of events, from professional receptions to private celebrations.
The Préau's industrial architecture creates a striking setting and perfect elegance for moments of outdoor conviviality.
Whether for weddings or informal gatherings, our Préau receptif offers a setting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, guaranteeing memorable events.

Airial des Monges Gîte de groupe in Gironde

A magical place...

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our venue where every moment becomes an extraordinary experience.
Nestled in a green setting, this venue offers a harmonious blend of nature and elegance and creates an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary.

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