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For centuries the airial, with its Landes houses and oak trees, has been a harmonious living space, born of a delicately controlled natural environment. To respect this balance, we welcome visitors here according to the principles of Slow-tourism.

In tune with the nature that surrounds us, our approach aims to preserve and enhance the environment.
Each visitor becomes a player in this responsible journey, participating in the preservation of our ecosystem.
From respect for our animals to the judicious use of resources, every gesture contributes to preserving the beauty of our Estate.
Join us in this sustainable adventure, where each experience becomes a step towards a harmonious future with nature.

**Since 1992, the European Ecolabel has aimed to design and promote goods and services that respect the environment and health throughout their life cycle. It is a reliable and official label, managed in France by ADEME and certified by AFNOR.

We are proud to announce that Domaine de l'Airial des Monges has beenawarded the European Eco-label, in recognition of our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.
This distinction underlines our commitment to nature-friendly practices, from thrifty resource management to the protection of local biodiversity

By choosing to stay with us, you are participating in this eco-responsible approach, making your experience a concrete contribution to the preservation of our planet.
We are honored to share this achievement with our guests, and to continue moving towards a more sustainable future together.

Our commitments

  • To welcome with kindness and competence everyone, without discrimination, including your (and our) friends the animals in certain Gîtes.
  • Train the team in responsible management.
  • Raise our customers' awareness so that they participate in our efforts through anti-waste eco-actions.
  • To encourage the discovery of the richness of the landscape and natural heritage.
  • Offer eco-responsible / local products, use renewable energy (wood, pellets, etc..), avoid waste and sort it for recycling.
  • Working with local providers who - like us - make commitments to the ecological transition.

Thanks for your support and ideas for improvement!


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